What Is Close Protection?

One of the most prominent questions surrounding the security industry is: What exactly is close protection? The shift from bodyguards to close protection officers has left many confused, wondering if they should focus on VIP bodyguard training or close protection courses. While these sound very different, the core of the role it plays is still the same.

Close Protection: A Thought Shift

A simple answer to what exactly close protection is would be to say that it is the same as traditional bodyguard services, but with a change in thinking, a break from the mould. Most people think of bodyguards as large personal bouncers who keep people away from their clients and put their bodies on the line, using a reactive approach to threats.Close protection, however, is more proactive.

While close protection courses do focus on weapons training, fitness and all the traditional skills of a bodyguard, there is a greater focus on mental agility. With the addition of theoretical training, advanced driving, strategic preparation and more, close protection officers are more focused on defusing a situation. Also, while bodyguards are stereo typically expected only to protect a client’s body, close protection officers are concerned with protecting their client’s body, reputation and overall well-being.

Are Close Protection Courses Only for Bodyguards?

Not at all! While VIP bodyguard training is clearly focused on the specific role of being a bodyguard – although the skills are transferable – close protection courses are offered to a variety of individuals and industries. Global Bodyguard Solutions, for instance, has trained all of the following, among others:

  • Individuals
  • Corporate Security Members
  • Law Enforcement
  • Municipal Security Teams

The Benefits of Close Protection Courses

The reason why these VIP protection courses are applicable for everything from private security to law enforcement is that they train individuals and teams in all the necessary skills needed to protect people. From defensive, intelligent driving through to first aid and even project management, these are vital skills for close protection officers to have. By taking part in accredited close protection courses, you are ensuring your capability to put these various skills to good use, which is what your clients are paying for.

So, simply put, the benefits include being better equipped to protect people, as well as improving your qualifications and reputation in the industry.

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