Rectifying Common Project Management Issues in Royal Fashion

Project management is a vital position in business, and where it fails, so too does the project as well as the company. These failures are often extremely costly and carry a wealth of extra negative consequences beyond the monetary losses as well. That is why Prince2® training and accredited Prince2® courses are an essential component for getting your business up to a standard worthy of royalty.

Poor leadership

First and foremost, project management is all about leadership. No matter how effective every other aspect of your team is or how experienced your team members are, poor leadership will always have a negative influence. If the project manager does not do a proper job of communicating with the entire team, delegating tasks and planning effectively, this will result in considerable confusion in the team. When the team is confused work slows, productivity drops and more energy goes into assigning blame than getting the work done.

Through a Prince2 Foundation course project managers can get ahead of this issue. You will learn all about how to be heard in your team, and even if you are not a natural born leader you will have gained the practical insights and skills to help you overcome that and become a strong project manager. You will learn valuable communication skills which will help you to create a cohesive team through proper use of positive communication strategies such as using humour as an ice-breaker and how to acknowledge successes and short-comings constructively.

Unclear goals

Leading on from poor leadership and communication is the presence of unclear goals. Professional Prince2® training equips you with the necessary negotiation skills to mediate effectively between team members and departments. Most people consider this a matter of communication, dealing with internal conflict, but through these accredited Prince2® courses you will come to realise that unclear and mismatched goals are a more delicate sort of internal conflict.

Where different parts of the team have different goals, but also rely on another person or group to complete their own goals, this causes conflict and loss of productivity. Therefore, it is essential to negotiate between these parts of the team to make sure that everybody’s goals are aligned to assist one another and move the project along with well-aligned goals.

Disproportionate deadlines

Perhaps the most common and also most devastating mistake made by ineffective project managers is the establishment of disproportionate, impossible deadlines. Doing this places an inordinate amount of stress on team members as they are pushed to provide quality work at a pace which is beyond their actual capabilities. And all because of a manager who is unaware of their capabilities and limitations. This is why accredited Prince2® courses also focus on teaching you about proper time management.

Time management and scheduling are an absolute essential, because project managers are responsible for keeping both themselves and the entire team on schedule. Being unrealistic in your scheduling will lead to constantly falling behind. Keeping proper track of the project and the team and adjusting the schedule to create one that is realistic will go a long way to managing the timing of the project and ensuring success.

Once you have a good schedule set up it becomes much easier to keep track of the progress of the project. This allows you more time to rectify any problems which may occur without adding any undue stress or risk.

Professional Prince2® training is focussed on providing project managers with all this knowledge and the requisite skills to implement it practically in every project. Among the very best is Stratsure’s Prince2® Foundation and Practitioner course, led by a dedicated team of experienced professionals. Don’t risk your career or your company, get the perfect skill set now!

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