Fine Streaming options for You Now

Streaming or live streaming refers to the (real-time) transmission of content, mostly image and sound. Instead of a video file, which has to be transferred in its entirety, a stream of data is transmitted during streaming, which is played in parallel at the receiver.

The pioneer of On Demand video streaming was Youtube (founded in 2005), which was the first to build a large platform for streaming video. As a result, many attempts have been made to establish similar platforms but, with the exception of niche products, they have been unsuccessful. In 2015, 300 hours of video footage was uploaded every minute.

In 2007, Netflix switched its distribution to online streaming. To date, the 1997 founded company had given DVDs by mail. Today, nearly 100 million users worldwide are paying subscribers to the streaming service. Now with the Stream online with Demand Africa the options are perfect.

One model that does not use the picture is Spotify. The music streaming service has existed since 2006, offering its users access to 30 million songs, with 20,000 new songs added each day.

What is Livestreaming?

While a stream can transmit recorded content (best examples are Spotify and Netflix), live streaming almost always refers to the transmission of things in real time. Increasing popularity has been the topic since about 2010. With increasing bandwidths and new platforms like justin.tv or twitch.tv, which made streaming for everyone possible, the number of streamed content increased significantly.

A development started that has some parallels to the rise of the blog. With no more than a regular computer and a strong internet connection, everyone could suddenly become a sender. Especially streaming game content has driven livestreaming a lot. On the platform twitch.tv (in the meantime bought from Amazon) at first only game contents were streamed.

Mobile live streaming

Since around 2015, more and more providers of mobile streaming services are entering the market. The first big player was Periscope, a daughter of Twitter. The app allows users to stream live video and audio to the world. However, Periscope did not have the predicted breakthrough as “the next big thing”, although by 2017, 200 million broadcasts had taken place.



Meanwhile, Youtube and Facebook are active in the (German) market and are driving the subject clearly. Facebook Live has been doing several negative headlines, as various crimes were transmitted via livestream.

For users outside the US, however, there is a nasty surprise here: they are locked out without further ado. The technique is called geoblocking – and in many cases can be handled with a few simple tricks. As a rule, all you need is a proxy server that disguises your own IP address and pretends that you are in the same country as your desired service. Bypassing such geo-locks has become a separate line of business on the net. Professional bypass services also allow non-technical users to access locked services.

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Make thorough check up

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