3 Practical Benefits Of Praxis™ Framework Courses

Project management and programme management are intensive occupations, and both roles require practically useful and relevant knowledge and skills. While project management courses are an invaluable means of acquiring this knowledge and the requisite skills, Praxis™ framework courses take this to the next level.


Here’s a brief look at the benefits offered by Praxis™ for your professional growth:


1. Enhanced insights


Insight is a valuable skill for any managerial position, especially for project managers who work with many teams across various specialities and fields. The practical insights learnt and encouraged through Praxis™ framework courses will add to this by helping you to make better sense of the contexts of your projects. You will become a more valued and respected member of the project team by displaying a greater understanding of your team, and this will greatly improve productivity.


Another benefit of enhanced insights is that this allows you to better understand the various role-players in your projects and their responsibilities. For instance, if you understand that certain teams are responsible for delivering time-sensitive work that is vital to other teams’ efficiency, this enables you to focus on improving and monitoring the efficiency of these key role-players.


2. Project and programme merger


A major challenge for many project manager comes about when they find themselves taking on a programme manager role at some stage, which involves the management of various projects at once. Although they have been prepared for managing projects through project management courses and experience, programmes are a lot more complicated and require different skills in practice.


Praxis™ framework courses have been designed to combine the necessary content for both project and programme management. By combining both of these in a practical way, with common terminologies and considerations, the gap between these two roles is brilliantly and effectively bridged. This makes the transition much easier, and the practice less stressful.


3. Expansion of Prince2® themes


The following table shows the seven original themes taught in Prince2® project management courses, as well as the new themes added in Praxis™ framework courses. Looking at them, you can see how the new themes expand on the original seven and enhance your role as a project manager:


Prince2® Praxis™
Business Case Resource Management
Organisation Investment Appraisal
Quality Budget and Cost Control
Risk Procurement and Contract Management
Planning Change Management
Change Solutions Management
Progress Resource Scheduling, and more…


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