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Providing specialist educational facilities for young people with complex disabilities and learning difficulties

Young people with complex disabilities and learning difficulties require specialist educational facilities like those provided by Hereward College in Coventry.

This further education college has served people with disabilities and additional needs in the West Midlands area since 1971, and offers inclusive provision and specialist facilities for both day and residential learners. All learners at Hereward College have access to a range of support to ensure their journey through college runs as smoothly as possible.

On starting college, learners are allocated a Progress Coach who has responsibility for monitoring their progress and development and is their first point of contact for course related help and advice.  They provide one-to-one support, set medium and long term goals, provide regular reviews and also provide regular parents’ evenings throughout the year.


Learners also have access to job coaches, mentors and therapies. The college’s Independent Learning Support team offers personal care and supervision tailored to each student, even during unstructured times.  Hereward boasts a fantastic range of facilities – from state-of-the-art learning resources, to sports, to dining. It also offers live-in residential provision.

Learning resources

All learners have access to the Learning Resource Centre – an attractive and supportive environment within which to study or relax.  There are a range of facilities available including height adjustable workstations, PC learning pods, laptops, cameras, dictaphones and a graphics suite.

Learners can also make use of a range of assistive technologies such as screen enlargers, screen readers and emulated keyboards. Other impressive learning facilities include a tv studio, performing arts stage and fully equipped music suites.


Learners at Hereward College have access to a wide range of sports and fitness activities.  The college works alongside partners such as CSW Sports, SEND Active and Sky Blues in the Community to offer up to three activities a day as well as sports clubs outside of college hours.

Onsite facilities include a large sports hall, outdoor multi-use games area and gymnasium.

Activities available include: entry level football; men’s football; women’s football; down syndrome football club; powerchair football; visually impaired and hearing difficulty football; hockey; tennis; boccia; basketball; bowling; cardio wall sessions; circuit training; personal fitness sessions.

Sport is a regular part of college life and learners regularly represent the college in football, futsal, tennis, powerchair football and Boccia tournaments.

Catering facilities

Café Mojo serves breakfast and dinner for residential students as well as offering a very popular lunchtime menu for all staff and learners. The café serves residential and day students breakfast and healthy Grab and Go snacks, as well as a range of hot and cold lunch items including a hot wok, panini and salad bar. It’s also a popular communal area where learners can eat packed lunches and socialise with friends.

Café Mojo also provides catering for college events and external visitors using the facilities.

Residential accommodation

The spacious and specialist accommodation at Hereward College provides a home-from-home relaxed environment for learners wishing to stay on a residential basis.

If you stay at Hereward College you will have your own study bedroom with a fully accessible ensuite bathroom, wifi and TV point. There is also a laundry room and kitchen with fully adjustable work surfaces and staff are always available to help with washing and cooking and provide support with independent living skills.

The onsite staff also organise regular social activities for residential learners in a friendly atmosphere, offering the first steps towards independence. Hereward College is Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered, with its facilities inspected on a regular basis.

3 Practical Benefits Of Praxis™ Framework Courses

Project management and programme management are intensive occupations, and both roles require practically useful and relevant knowledge and skills. While project management courses are an invaluable means of acquiring this knowledge and the requisite skills, Praxis™ framework courses take this to the next level.


Here’s a brief look at the benefits offered by Praxis™ for your professional growth:


1. Enhanced insights


Insight is a valuable skill for any managerial position, especially for project managers who work with many teams across various specialities and fields. The practical insights learnt and encouraged through Praxis™ framework courses will add to this by helping you to make better sense of the contexts of your projects. You will become a more valued and respected member of the project team by displaying a greater understanding of your team, and this will greatly improve productivity.


Another benefit of enhanced insights is that this allows you to better understand the various role-players in your projects and their responsibilities. For instance, if you understand that certain teams are responsible for delivering time-sensitive work that is vital to other teams’ efficiency, this enables you to focus on improving and monitoring the efficiency of these key role-players.


2. Project and programme merger


A major challenge for many project manager comes about when they find themselves taking on a programme manager role at some stage, which involves the management of various projects at once. Although they have been prepared for managing projects through project management courses and experience, programmes are a lot more complicated and require different skills in practice.


Praxis™ framework courses have been designed to combine the necessary content for both project and programme management. By combining both of these in a practical way, with common terminologies and considerations, the gap between these two roles is brilliantly and effectively bridged. This makes the transition much easier, and the practice less stressful.


3. Expansion of Prince2® themes


The following table shows the seven original themes taught in Prince2® project management courses, as well as the new themes added in Praxis™ framework courses. Looking at them, you can see how the new themes expand on the original seven and enhance your role as a project manager:


Prince2® Praxis™
Business Case Resource Management
Organisation Investment Appraisal
Quality Budget and Cost Control
Risk Procurement and Contract Management
Planning Change Management
Change Solutions Management
Progress Resource Scheduling, and more…


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Smart Options with the Perfect Net Working Capital Funding

Hello! Today, let’s talk about what factoring is. Suppliers of goods (and sometimes services) often face a choice – work on a prepayment or provide a deferred payment? In the first situation, you can lose part of the clients, in the second case – funds to finance current activities. Factoring will help to preserve the golden mean. We’ll talk about it in this article!

Factoring is the financing under the assignment of a monetary claim.In simple words, factoring can be explained as a form of commodity credit , where the rights to the debt of the debtor are transferred to a third party (in this case, the factor). Thus, the supplier of goods or services receives payment from the factor faster than stipulated in the supply contract with the buyer. When one is aware of what is net working capital then only he can go for these schemes now

The term came to us from the English language, where “factoring” in this situation is translated as “mediation”.

Act as a factor can be a specialized factoring company, and a factoring department of the bank (which is the most common in Here).

The essence of factoring is reflected in its functions:

  • Financing of the supplier, urgent increase of his working capital;
  • Management function, in other words – collection of debt;
  • Also, if necessary, insurance of non-payment risks.
  • Download Factoring Agreement in the Enforcement of Obligations
  • Download Factoring Contract with Financing Existing Requirements
  • Download Factoring Agreement for Future Claims Financing

Factoring scheme

Factoring always involves the participation of three parties:

  • Factor (factoring company or bank department);
  • The supplier of the goods (the client, the creditor);
  • The buyer (the debtor);

The most common factoring scheme can be depicted in several steps:

  • The supplier ships the goods, having agreed with the buyer on deferred payment (from a week to four months);
  • The supplier enters into a contract with a factoring company, hands over the invoices to it;
  • The factor finances the given invoices, the supplier receives his payment. Usually, the factor pays immediately about 90% of the total cost, the remaining 10% is paid after the receipt and inspection of the goods by the buyer. Of course, the factoring company takes the commission specified by the agreement for services.

Learning about good transporting module

In this module you learn to deliver the entrusted cargo to the recipient in good condition with specific attention for ADR.

This module takes 40 teaching periods.

Freight transport 2

In this module you learn to deliver the goods entrusted to the recipient in good condition. Creating and maintaining the necessary administration is one of the most important facets of this module.

This module takes 80 teaching periods.

Freight Transport 3

In this module you learn to deliver the goods entrusted to the recipient in good condition. To this end, activities relating to the loading and unloading of the cargo are usually carried out in most cases.

This module takes 40 teaching periods.

Goods transport 4

In this module you learn to deliver the goods entrusted to the recipient in good condition. You learn to deal with the necessary means of communication and express yourself in Dutch, French, English and German in function of the profession.

This module takes 80 teaching periods.

A reliable training school takes care of the complete transport of your air freight. From building up, breaking down and splitting of loads to handling customs formalities and transport.

Full service transport at airports in the Spain

On-airport service–A reliable good transport company prepares transports. For example, they would build up airfreight pallets, split them, and break them off. They would also handle all customs formalities. Consider drafting waybills, packing lists and commercial invoices.

Transport of air freight –Good transporting company would load, unload and transport air freight. They can handle every load: full truck loads (FTL), less truck loads (LTL), refrigerated, ADR and high value.

Air cargo storage – A reliable trucking load boards company also takes care of the temporary storage of goods. For example, we have a C-sum permit at Spain. This allows the transporting company to transfer your shipments from the airport storage and store them in our own well-secured warehouses. This saves time and costs. You will need to be specific about this and then only you will be able to have the best options for the same. Surely, this will be the best deal for you now.

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